Hiv/aids and Education

Rachel_teaching_HIV_AIDS_class_to_students_in_LimpopoHIV/AIDS is the global issue of new era of science and technology and we should know that the problem of widespread AIDS is challenge for human survival. Children and young people need to be equipped with the knowledge, attitudes, values and skills that will help them face these challenges and assist them in making healthy life-style choices as they grow. Education delivered through schools is one of the ways through which children can be helped to face these challenges and make such choices.Providing information about HIV (transmission, risk factors, how to avoid infection) is necessary, but not sufficient, to lead to healthy behavioral change. Programs that provide accurate information, to counteract the myths and misinformation, frequently report improvements in knowledge and attitudes, but this is poorly correlated with behavioral change related to risk taking and desirable behavioral outcomes. Education can be effective in the more difficult task of achieving and sustaining behavior change about HIV/AIDS. The schools can either be a place that practices discrimination, prejudice and undue fear or one that demonstrates society’s commitment to equity.School policies need to ensure that every child and adolescent has the right to life education; particularly when that education is necessary for survival and avoidance of HIV infection.HIV infection is one of the major problems facing school-age children today. They face fear if they are ignorant, discrimination if they or a family member or friend is infected, and suffering and death if they are not able to protect themselves from this preventable disease.It is estimated that 40 million people, worldwide, are living with HIV or have AIDS, at least a third of these are young people aged 15-24. In 1998 more than 3 million young people worldwide became infected including 590,000 children under 15. More than 8,500 children and young people become infected with HIV each day. In many countries over 50% of all infections are among 15-24 years old, who will likely develop AIDS in a period ranging from several months to more than 10 years.

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Think about this: consider how much money you will spend on your electric power bills throughout your life-time. That monstrous amount of money is amazing and relatively horrifying from a life time perspective.

The sad thing is, the big power conglomerates have everyone all but programmed into thinking that we really do not have any options thinking that there’s simply just nothing we can do about this. So, they just continually take advantage of us and throw their excessive electric prices down upon us!

Luckily, there are two ways we can fight back!

Within this particular short article or found in the associated links, I’ll touch on the topics of Solar Power combined with wind turbine power.

Solar Panel Products
Wind Mills

Solar Panels

Solar systems can be pricey, but stay with me…

Solar Panel Systems are a good way to implement the never ending energy source made available by our sun’s rays to transform that power into a kind which we are able to manipulate and apply according to our necessities. Power from the sun is turned into electric power by photo-voltaic solar cells, which generally helps us to power any gadgets in ours residences or businesses. Store-bought residential solar panels are often pricey to obtain in addition to have installed.

Solar power panels can start out at several thousand dollars and go well beyond $10,000 or more dependant upon the type and size of your solar powered energy system. If you’re planning on staying at one street address for a very long time, you are going to in the long run obtain a full return on your financial investment in earth-friendly energy. However, approaches that you can become skilled at how to assemble and install your own do-it-yourself solar panels at a cheaper price.

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Wind Mills

Wind mills have been available for a number of years. In the past, were predominantly designed to pump water right out of the earth. Fortunately that they may now be employed in a significantly better technique! Currently, wind generators aren’t only utilized to pump water, but to turn an electrical generator to help make electric current.

As everyone understands, electricity is a form of energy that we could make use of that provides power to almost a limitless quantity of appliances.

Alongside this ever growing demand for electrical power has come a tremendously substantial cost. This is the time a wind generator can reduce your electrical premiums down as well as bringing down the load on the planet’s reasonably limited sources of energy.

Similarly to solar energy panels, you can acquire a wind turbine through a commercial vendor and offer it hooked up utilizing a building contractor, or you may investigate an approach to make a home made wind turbine and get off the grid!  Living off the grid with home made energy is most definitely a reasonable prospect with today’s eco-friendly green technology resources to choose from. The most effective method to start is to become knowledgeable on plausible renewable resources available for you to begin the process of developing your own clean energy solutions now!

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